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3 Best Motorcycle Helmets That Are Currently Available On The Market

May 8, 2019

Motorcycle helmets are lifesavers! Nothing is more important to a motorcyclist than wearing the proper
safety gear while driving. Of course, the motorcycle helmet comes first. But also the look of a
motorcycle helmet plays an important role for the style of a motorcyclist. Of course, the industry has
long ago recognized this market and reacted accordingly. Every year, numerous new motorcycle
helmets are produced and launched on the market. The range extends from simple motorcycle
helmets to high-tech motorcycle helmets.

Tests Have Set Itself The Task Of Taking A Closer Look At The Motorcycle Helmets
Currently available on the market and comparing them with each other. Here we will compare the
technical characteristics, explain pros and cons and make purchase recommendations. Since many
brands cooperate with the largest dealers for motorcycle helmets, we have the opportunity to access
numerous motorcycle helmets from all well-known manufacturers.  As a result, our comparative tests
cover a wide range of products. Through our cooperation with major retailers, we have exclusive
access to attractive vouchers provided to us by the merchants.
Flip Up Helmets
If you are more likely to go on longer trips, consider a flip-up helmet. You can flip the chin up and talk
in peace without having to put down the helmet. Extremely practical for spectacle wearers. A good
touring helmet does not have to cost a lot of money. Of course, in the price range are smaller
compromises in terms of equipment and comfort. But still can be in the category up to 250 Dollars.
Safety is also ensured thanks to the standard. However, the design requirements in this category
should not be too high.

Full-Face Helmets
The choice of motorcycle helmet initially depends on the intended use. Integral helmets offer the
greatest protection and are therefore ideal for a brisk ride on the asphalt. Not without reason only
integral helmets are used in racing. Visually, they fit perfectly with any super sports. Safety does not
have to be expensive! In the category up to 200 Dollars can be found various models with great
designs and excellent customer reviews. However, occasionally compromises have to be made in
terms of comfort or features. To guarantee a fog-free view, many helmets are prepared for a Pinlock
inner visor. But it does not necessarily belong to the scope of delivery. Consequently, such visors are
rare in this category.

Jet Helmets
As a scooter rider, you should definitely consider a jet helmet. Without a chin part, the feeling of
freedom on the bike is probably the best way to reach it. Classic and simply designed helmets are
usually not very expensive. For this reason, there are a lot of cheap, which do not comply with current
safety regulations. In the category up to 250 Dollars, however, only helmets, which meet the current
safety standard and are affordable. Helmets in the category up to 400 Dollars comply exclusively with
the current safety standards. They come mostly in a very nice design with special paint. Therefore, the
equipment of these helmets is usually a bit more extensive. Visors, as well as integrated sun visors or
elaborately processed inner lining are often included in these helmets.

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