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Buying A Used Motorcycle: Tips For Less Experienced Beginners

May 2, 2019

The motorcycle market has never been as diverse as it is today. Despite a certain risk, the purchase of
a used motorcycle can certainly be worthwhile. What you have to look out for.
Especially for new drivers and returnees, there are offers for a second hand purchase. Many used
motorcycles are only a few years old and therefore have low mileages. In addition, they are often in
good condition. Occasionally there are also emergency sales, where buyers can make real bargains.
The reliability, stability and expected service life of modern motorcycles are technically no longer a
problem today. Also, the mileage of most mass-produced machines are depending on the engine
design, driving style and care no reason to refrain from the second-hand purchase. 100,000 kilometers
and more are quite realistic for many motorcycles, especially as they have often collected their miles
on long-haul routes and thus were not exposed to damaging short-distance traffic.
Procedure For Buying Used Motorcycles
First of all, compare the chassis number on the motorcycle frame with the one in the vehicle
registration document. Do not be fooled by the first impression: Motorcycles for sale are usually
polished to a high gloss. Consider the overall condition critically and make a note of damage and
Leaks in the engine, cooling system, fuel system and gearbox are especially harmful to the
environment and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. At the same time they testify of a certain
negligence of the owner can serve as an argument for a price reduction. Grinding marks on the
handlebar ends, vibration dampers and the fittings indicate signs of falls. A repair of this damage is
often only possible by replacing the frame, since it must not be welded. A deformed or torn handlebar
stop is not recommended. Coarse sanding marks on the frame indicate an off-road use or accidents. If
the motorcycle is not an off-road motorcycle and still has these tracks, it is also not recommended to
Which Price Is Appropriate?
In the varied motorcycle used offer are often particularly low or high prices. The question of which
price is appropriate for which machine can only be assessed after a thorough on-site inspection and a
test drive. For a first orientation professional price quotations are available. The online price or value
determination is mostly chargeable. Expert opinions will be published in various motorcycle

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