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Have You Already Planned The Route For Your Motorcycle Tour

April 27, 2019

Curves, roads, slopes as in fairy tales, landscapes as on the first day of creation. The motorcycle
destinations provide for particularly intense sensory perceptions. We name some goals that you
should treat yourself in this lifetime.

The Southwestern Region Of United States
Who stands on impressive motorcycle tours, does not pass in the southwest of the USA. The Grand
Canyon, San Francisco and the famous Highway Route 66 are just a few stops that every avid
motorcyclist should have explored on his bike. The network includes numerous providers, which offer
guided tours for individuals or entire groups. Such organized trips have the great advantage that you
really see everything worth seeing and also meet a lot of like-minded people, with whom in the best
case friendships can be made for life. The best travel times are the months April to June and
September to December.

This route is the best for a tour through Namibia. Numerous tour operators and those who have been
there promise unique impressions, magnificent nature, hard slopes and a challenging climate; 45
degrees are not uncommon. For the start of an unforgettable tour of an unforgettable country, we
recommend Namibia's famous landmark.

At The Roots Of Nature
From Grenoble in France via the Alps to Venice in Italy. Undoubtedly one of the most used roads in
Europe. The Transalp. In the summer, the traffic may be a bit too dense and heavy and you need a
thick wallet to pay all the tolls. Nevertheless, it is always worth a trip. The route starts in France and
extends over 2,400 kilometers through Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The slopes are not divided into
green, red or black - but at least symbolically speaking.

Tibet; The Roof Of The World
It is perhaps the hardest route, but certainly the most beautiful. From Lahsa to Kashgar over 3,500
kilometers. Currently, this road is paved only up to Lake Pangon, but soon it will be completely paved.
Most impressed is the section on Dang, a pass with the best views of the Himalayas. Five peaks tower
8 kilometers into the sky, uninterrupted views of Mount Everest. And even so, there are many
spectacular views to enjoy.

Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way
The 2500 kilometer long scenic road on the rough Atlantic coast was only opened in 2014. It is
advertised as the longest signposted coastal route in the world - from the Inishowen peninsula to
Kinsale, in the south of the island. It also leads across narrow stretches to the natural beauties of
Ireland. The weather is changeable, but the scenery breathtaking.