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How can you wash your motorcycle in the best way?

April 5, 2019

Are you a regular motorcycle rider? Do you own a motorcycle? Do you wash it regularly to keep it clean? Do you know that dirt can affect the working of your motorcycle and your motorcycle can be damaged very easily? Are you aware of the proper ways of cleaning the motorcycle? Read this article to know about how to clean the different parts of a motorcycle in the best way possible.

Pre-Cleaning motorcycle

  • Cool down your bike – you must let your engine cool down first. You must not sprinkle water on your hot motorcycle. This can create cracks in the engine of your motorcycle. You must always let your motorcycle cool down completely before you begin to wash and clean it.
  • Get your cleaning materials – when your motorcycle is left to be cooled down, you must get all the washing supplies ready. You will require a bucket, a sponge, dry and clean clothes, Degreaser, old toothbrush, motorcycle wax, bug and tar remover, Chrome cleaner.

Get your cleaning materials-motorcycle


  • Clean the chain – You must first clean the chain of your motorcycle. With the help of a chain degreaser you must get off all the dirt and grease. You must spray the degreaser and then wash off with a clean cloth. WD-40 is great to degrease the dirt. After cleaning the chain, you must apply a lubricant.

Clean the chain-motorcycle


  • Cleaning the engine parts – you must wash the parts around the engine before you wash the body of the motorcycle. you must use an old toothbrush and wet it and scrub the dirt from the nooks and crannies. Here also you can spray WD-40 to loosen the dirt and debris. However, you must be very careful that you must not put water in the brake lines and bearings.

Washing the motorcycle’s body

Washing the motorcycle’s body

  • Rinse the bike – When your bike has cooled down you must start working on it. You must use cool water to rinse the whole body of the motorcycle. This will make your cleaning process easier as it will remove and loosen any dirt and grease. The force of water must be gentle. If the force of water is very powerful it can damage many parts of your motorcycle.
  • Rubbing the body – You must scrub the motorcycle’s body with a soft cloth or sponge. Any dirt which is still present can be removed with this. You must dip the sponge or cloth in cool water and rub the whole body of your motorcycle.
  • Plastic parts – you must use water with a little amount of soap to clean the plastic parts of your motorcycle. You can also use auto detergent for cleaning.
  • Rinse the motorcycle – after all the dirt and grease ha been removed you must again rinse your motorcycle with cool water. You must gently spray water with a hose and clean any loose mud or grease. You can also wipe your bike with a wet sponge.
  • Wipe off the excess water – you must now take a clean and dry cloth and rub your motorcycle in a very gentle manner. This will help to soak the excess water into the cloth and let the bike dry fast. You must not leave your motorcycle under direct sunlight as it can cause spots of water.
  • Care for the seat – the seats of the motorcycle are usually made from the materials – vinyl and leather. Seats that are made from vinyl can crack as those are very hard and tough. You can prevent your seat from cracking if you use a vinyl protectant. For the leather seats you can use leather creams to make the seats durable.

These are the best ways in which you can clean your motorcycle in the best way. After cleaning your motorcycle will run smoothly and the parts of it will also become durable.