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How much is the cost of motorcycle insurance?

April 12, 2019

Do you own a motorcycle? Have you got your motorcycle insured? If you haven’t got the insurance of your motorcycle, then you must get it as soon as possible. Do you know the cost involved in insuring your motorcycle? the cost of the insurance varies from one place to another. In New York, the motorcycle insurance is a bit costly. In this article, we will discuss the cost involved in insuring your motorcycle in New York.

The cost of motorcycle insurance in New York is same as those in different other states. However, the rate of premiums in New York is slightly on the higher side. The motorcycle insurance’s average cost in other states of New York is $537 while in the New York City it is estimated to be $1486.

Markel American Motorcycle Insurance

It is one of the best motorcycle insurances in New York. Its policy options include coverage of the uninsured or underinsured rider, collision and medical facility. It is one of the best insurances for your motorcycle if your motorcycle is your main or only form of transportation. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy insurance companies. It also provides mechanical breakdown coverage which is not provided by any other insurance companies. This is very useful as you get reimbursed for repairing and replacing any component of your motorcycle. it also provides rental reimbursement. This means that you will be provided with a car when your motorcycle is being repaired. The cost and expenses incurred for the car will also be included in this insurance policy. This is very useful for the people who use motorcycle daily for transportation. The cost of insurance of Markel is slightly higher than the other insurance companies but covering all the fields it is quite reasonable.

The best cheap motorcycle insurances

Markel American has the cheapest insurance premiums in New York. It covers many important features which are not covered by other insurance companies. Thus, it is one of the most beneficial insurances for the motorcycle riders. It also offers some discounts which are also advantageous to the riders. Other cheap insurances in New York includes Nationwide - which is best for high risk riders, Progressive – which is best for specialty or vintage motorists and Safeco – which offers very attractive discounts to the riders.

California motorcycle insurance

The cost of motorcycle insurance in California is $209 for the fully paid motorcycle. If you have a new motorcycle, then the insurance will be higher. The insurance for the new bike will be $1940 and this will be your motorcycle’s full coverage. GEICO in California has the cheapest motorcycle insurances.

Florida motorcycle insurance

In Florida, you will get your motorcycle insurance by paying $300 per year. Personal Injury Protection is not required in Florida. GEICO in Florida has the best and cheapest rates of insurance.

Michigan motorcycle insurance

In Michigan, the cost of motorcycle insurance is quite high. The average cost of the insurance can be within $100 to $1000 annually. You do not require a no-fault insurance coverage. However, this benefit will be given to the motorists. There are many benefits covered under the motorcycle insurances in Michigan like – medical expenses, loss of wage, Replacement services and even attendant care.

You must have a motorcycle insurance in order to get all your expenses incurred in a motorcycle accident reimbursed. You must understand that driving a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car and thus the insurance for your motorcycle will be comparatively higher than that of your car. The cost of a motorcycle is much less than that of a car, but the accidents occurred with the motorcycle is much fatal.