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How to charge a motorcycle battery properly?

April 14, 2019

Do you own a motorcycle? Do you maintain your motorcycle properly? You must know that you must charge the battery of your motorcycle very well for the smooth working of your vehicle. Charging your vehicle properly will increase the life of your vehicle and it will last very long without having any kind of problems. You can use a charger for charging, or you can also do it without a charger.

You will find different types of motorcycle batteries. However, the premature death of these batteries is a very common issue. You must maintain the battery of your motorcycle and this will not increase your expenses.

Charging the motorcycle battery

You must never use the battery charger of your car to charge the battery of your motorcycle, even if it is for a short while. Car battery charges flow much charge than the motorcycle can take in and thus it will be damaged. In such a case, the battery of your motorcycle cannot be repaired. You can charge the battery of your motorcycle well by removing it from the vehicle. You must also take quite some time to properly clean the battery. The terminals of the battery must be cleaned very well.

You must charge the battery of your motorcycle in an open or ventilated space as it releases explosive gases during the process. At the time of connecting the charger to your motorcycle battery you must put off the charger’s power, or else there might be some sparks. You must always take safety and preventive measures while working with the charger and motorcycle battery. You must be very careful to connect the positive and negative ends of the charger properly with the battery’s positive and negative ends. While charging you must be very careful and must not charge for very long, because explosion can happen when the battery is too hot. If you feel that the charger is too hot, you must disconnect it and let it cool. After the charger has cooled down completely, you can again connect it with the battery. You must not overcharge the battery of your motorcycle as it will harm the battery life.

Charging the motorcycle battery without a charger

  • Jumper cables are required – you must always have jumper cables with you in case you need to charge your motorcycle in the middle of the road.
  • Do not start the car – Car batteries are much more powerful than the motorcycle batteries. When a car needs to be jump-started the other car must be in on. However, motorcycles do not require so much of energy and the car can be off during the charging process.
  • Jump starting with motorcycle – if you want to start your motorcycle with the help of another motorcycle then that motorcycle must be kept on.
  • Connecting clamps – you must connect the red clamp to the positive end of the battery of your dead motorcycle. You must be very careful and check that the clamp does not touch any metal. The black clamp must be connected to the frame of the dead battery’s motorbike. Then you must connect another red clamp to the working battery and another black clamp must be attached to the negative end of the working battery. Then you must try to start your motorcycle. You must leave this set-up undisturbed for few minutes so that engine gets warmed up. Then you must disconnect all the cables that you have attached very carefully.

In this way you can charge a motorcycle without charger. You must take care of the battery of your motorcycle and must start the motorcycle each day at least once and leave it on for some time so that the engine gets warmed up and works well.