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How To Choose The Optimal Motorcycle That Fits You

May 5, 2019

To finally fulfill the dream of owning your own motorcycle, there are many motorcycle models to
choose from. Each manufacturer has a large collection of different bikes in the program. For every
taste, the right vehicle would have to be found. But this is not so easy. Everybody knows the problem.
Most of the models look colorful, stylish and promise great enjoyment. So how do you proceed? How
do I find the optimal motorcycle for me and my riding preferences?

Cruiser Models
This particular motorcycle type was created in the 1990s. It is based on the US motorcycles of the
1930s. Cruisers are characterized by large-volume enginesĀ and wide tires. Wide handlebars and an
almost upright sitting position are also among the features of the Cruiser. Unlike choppers, light
motorcycles are also built in cruiser style. Overall, cruisers are considered perfect machines for users
who want to glide across the country. Ride comfort is speed here. As a result, the cruisers differ
significantly from the original choppers.

Tourer Models
The history of the Tourer goes back to the 1970s. At that time, the need for a quiet and powerful travel
machine was created by motorcyclists. Thus, the tourers were created. They are characterized by a
very powerful engine, which helps to accelerate. However, the maximum top speed plays a rather
subordinate role. Rather, the travel comfort at the tourer is in the center. So the driver sits in a
relatively upright position and usually enjoys the benefits of heated handles and a heater in the seat.
Modern tourers are also equipped with information and entertainment systems as well as modern
security technology.

Custom Models
Custom models are motorcycles, which are realized or rebuilt exactly according to the customer's
wishes. The first custom bikes were, for example, choppers. They were based on conventional road
machines from Harley Davidson. To this day, many custom bikes based on Harleys are realized.
However, the name custom motorcycles had prevailed among many motorcycle fans. For them, the
choppers were still too close to the production machines.
Today, there are special motorcycle manufacturers who produce custom bikes on behalf of customers.
However, since this is not a series production, these motorcycles require a special operating permit so
they can be driven on the road. Theoretically, today every motorcycle that deviates from the series
production and is based on individual modifications can be called a custom bike.

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