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Safe In The Motorcycle Season

May 7, 2019

If you are traveling by motorcycle, you will experience the pure road. Riding a motorcycle is
considered a sign of freedom, driving with all senses. In good weather, a clean road and many curves,
there is nothing better. But riding a motorcycle is not without danger. The risk of dying in an accident is
on the two-wheeler, according to the statistics 20 times higher than in a car. Although over 40 percent
of accidents are caused by motorcyclists. But many motorcyclists ride too risky, too fast and overtake

Safe Riding
After a break, motorcyclists should take it easy to gradually get used to the regularities on two wheels.
Above all, a gentle approach to slopes is helpful. Regular practice helps to react properly in dangerous
situations. In addition to full braking from medium speeds, even slow driving trains the feel for the

Riding The Heat
In contrast to driving with cars you are not protected on the motorcycle against heat. But even if it is
very hot, the protective equipment with helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots must not be waived.
For this, the drivers should take regular breaks and drink plenty of water. From long tours is rather
discouraged. On very hot days, the pavement can rupture on old highways made of concrete and lead
to dangerous falls.

Riding Test For Safety
No matter which type of motorcycle is ridden, no matter if beginner or experienced driver - a suitable
safety training at the start of the season will not hurt anyone. Then the reflexes are trained again, the
feeling for the motorcycle there, the right self-assessment and awareness of the dangers present.
There are various motorcycle trainings, from basic to re-entry to perfection training. But helpful to start
the season are also driving exercises in a parking lot.

Before the new season comes, the bike should be thoroughly checked. In particular, the fluid levels
and tire pressure are important. Check brake pads and replace if necessary. Test braking effect and
pressure point. Check battery, air pressure, tire tread depth.

Is The ABS Mandatory?
Since 2017, all newly registered motorcycles over 125 cubic centimeters must be equipped with ABS.
ABS should still have all the machines, if possible, one that allows braking in an inclined position. In
addition to the ABS helps a (often already integrated) traction control or additional stability control.
Threatens to turn the rear wheel, the engine electronics throttled the performance and the motorcycle

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