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Safe Motorcycling With The Right Practical Tips

April 29, 2019

Riding a motorcycle is considered a sign of freedom, driving with all senses. In good weather, a clean
road and many curves, there is nothing better.
But riding a motorcycle is not without risk. The risk of dying in an accident is on the two-wheeler,
according to the Federal Statistical Office, higher than in a car. Although over 40 percent of accidents
are caused by motorists. We explain how you are safe on the way and what you have to keep in mind
when riding a motorcycle.

Where To Practice Motorcycling?
An important practical tip for safe motorcycling is never out of practice. Exercises such as stunts,
evasive maneuvers. You should train regularly, because the less you drive, the more you also lose the
One of the toughest challenges when riding a motorcycle is braking. To perfect the braking, it takes a
lot of practice. The best practice is on an unpaved road. It is ideal to divide the braking force on the
front and rear wheels, however, many drivers make the mistake only with the front wheel to brake.
Even if the rear wheel plays a rather subordinate role in braking, a combination of both brakes makes
sense - without causing a slipping and possibly erupting rear wheel. For better braking, the anti-lock
braking system is helpful. This prevents the wheels from locking and the braking distance is

Safe Motorcycling With The Right Protective Clothing
This practical tip is essential for safe driving with the motorcycle. Those who are not adequately
protected with good protective clothing endanger their health and also the risk of being seriously
injured in accidents. The most important element of protective clothing is definitely the helmet. There
are many variants, such as the integral helmet or a flip-up helmet. Important when buying a helmet is
to be noted that the helmet fits properly and not too tight.
It is also essential to ride the motorcycle to wear the appropriate motorcycle clothing, such as the
motorcycle jacket, pants, motorcycle gloves and kidney belt. The protective clothing offers a good
impact protection in falls, it also offers some protection against other external circumstances, such as
bad weather conditions.

Motorcycle In Perfect Condition
Actually, everyone can think: The motorcycle should be in perfect condition for safe motorcycling!
Therefore, the bike should be subjected to a proper care before and after each tour and regularly be
ridden! The brakes, batteries, lights, and brakes should be flawless enough to ride a motorcycle safely.
For example, tires should be checked regularly for tire pressure and tread depth. The tread depth
should be at least 1.6 millimeters deep. The light on the motorcycle should enable you to have a good
view of the road. In addition, the light is a signal so that other road users can identify which type of
vehicle it is, whether one or two lanes.