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Types Of Motorcycle Alarm Systems

July 1, 2019

The motorcycle alarm system is ideal to protect the motorcycle from unauthorized access. The most important reason for an alarm system is of course the protection against thieves. In order to select the right protection for your motorcycle, we have put together the most important information for you- further tests and reports can be found below.


Alarm System With Emergency Battery

The M + S motorcycle alarm system is one of the best and highest quality systems in this segment. The product is characterized by a high reliability. Due to the additional battery, theft is made even more difficult, so that sounds a signal even if the thieves manage to disconnect the battery or discharge. In contrast to many other systems, this also provides an optical signal in the form of flashing turn signals to the acoustic signal. Also, an immobilizer is integrated. Not many can keep up with the many functions of this alarm system, hence the higher price.


Brake Disc Alarm System

The brake disc lock with alarm is a cheap alternative to the right motorcycle alarm systems and fulfills its purpose very well. In addition to the mechanical immobilizer and audible alarm, the lock also has a deterrent effect on anyone who wants to touch or sit on the bike (which is usually even better than a hidden alarm system). The alarm sounds as soon as the lock senses a movement or vibration. The alarm stops automatically after 15-20 seconds (very long time as a thief). Of course, with further shock, the time will be extended by 20 seconds. To activate the alarm only the lock has to be attached to the brake disc and locked. After 5 seconds, the alarm is automatically activated. In the motorcycle alarm system test, this lock is mostly recommended.Important: It is always important to remove the lock before departure.

Position Sensor 

A position sensor detects the motorcycle alarm system exactly as the motorcycle is and can thus report as soon as the position of the motorcycle changes as in the example if the motorcycle falls over or is erected. Often the sensitivity can still be adjusted.

Silent Alarm 

The silent alarm is only possible with the GPS trackers, here no acoustic signal is triggered but only sent an SMS to the motorcyclist. Thus, it makes the finding of a motorcycle possible in contrast to acoustic alarm signals.