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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycles have been around for over a century now. The first Harley was made available to the public in 1900, and over the course of a century, this motorcycle brand has become increasingly popular.

William S. Harley, the designer of Harley Davidson motorcycles, created an innovative engine that could fit into a motorcycle. This engine was able to help catapult Harley Davidson to the forefront of popular motorcycles for the time. The well-loved bar & shield logo helped this motorcycle brand stand out above other brands. Over the next few years, Harley Davidson motorcycles became more popular, especially during World War 1 when the U.S. military used Harleys as their go to motorcycle.

Harley Davidson continued to stay ahead of other motorcycle brands by constantly finding ways to improve on their design and function. Some of the changes included adding an art deco design to all the gas tanks, introducing a sports model for racing fans, and creating single cylinder motorcycles.

These changes and innovations over the year have helped to keep Harley Davidson as the most beloved motorcycle of our time. The following infographic gives you more important events in the brief history of Harley Davidson. Continue reading to discover more about how this motorcycle brand has become the best in the business.

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