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Zero Engineering

The "Zero Style" is the creation of famed bike builder Shinya Kimura, and it includes the use of low-positioned gooseneck frames to emphasizing the engine. This choice is subtly artistic, representing the change from the older, vintage styling to the more modern.

Each part was produced one-off with copper and brass to fit organically into the overall design. This choice is appealing to Japanese sensibilities and lifestyle, but the machine itself was still an American-born Harley Davidson.

Over time, "Zero Style" has earned a high reputation in the United States, despite the popularity of the new-school style. Zero bikes are different than the high-tech choppers equipped with fat tires, flashy graphics, and billet parts. Zero has received various awards including the championship at a Calendar Show in LA, awards in the Easy Rider Show, and distinctions at Grand National Roadster Show in California in 2004.

Zero Engineering created a custom Harley with the unique Japanese aesthetic for the Discovery Channel Program, "The Great Biker Build Off." One of their motorcycles was also used in the movie "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" further making the presence of "Zero Style" known not only in Japan, but worldwide.

As a response to the many fans looking for Zero Engineering's custom Harleys and or seeking a bike easy for beginners and riders of all sizes, Zero introduced the mass produced Road Hopper Models.

Zero Engineering created this model with their own springer forks and frames, by using various types of steel pipes with different diameters and thickness, to ensure the rigidity and riding comfort at the same time.

After extensive prototype tests, this was the birth of new, unique motorcycles crafted with the perfect balance of artistry and industrial beauty, like the gooseneck frame to emphasize the engine, and high reliability and stability.

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