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2011 BPG Uno I Specs

General İnformation

Model BPG Uno I
Year 2011
Category Prototype - Concept Model
Price as new US$ 7500. Prices depend on country, taxes, accessories, etc.

Engine and transmission

Top speed 48.3 km/h (30.0 mph)
Cooling system Air
Gearbox Automatic

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Physical measures and capacities

Other specifications

Color options Orange
Starter Electric
Comments The U3 utilizes a gyroscopic control system to remain balanced while in Uno mode. The U3 uses conventional motorcycle controls (handle bars, accelerator, hand brake) for both modes allowing for a seamless transition between Uno and street bike. STAGE 1: The U3 two-wheeled configuration, referred to as “Uno mode”, utilizes two side by side parallel wheels (traction wheels) for forward/reverse movement and steering available under low operating speeds. While in Uno mode, the wheels are capable of tilting the bike while remaining parallel – providing the rider with a compact and highly maneuverable ride. STAGE 2: The U3 three-wheeled configuration, referred to as “Motorcycle mode”, utilizes an un-motorized additional front wheel forward of the two rear wheels. As the vehicle accelerates, the front wheel deploys and transforms the U3 into a three-wheeled vehicle while moving. This mode was created to provide the rider with a safer, more stable and familiar platform for high speed travel.
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