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Let Me Tell You Pine Is Fine! Firewood Splittin

December 3, 2022

That splitter has the potential to seriously injure you. I'd put a thick piece of plexiglass between the splitter and the controls. Simply in case. Always be safe rather than sorry.

Pine works well for outdoor fire pits. Not so good for a structure fire. The turpentines in pine produce far more creosote than dry (less than 20% moisture) hardwoods.
The end result: chimney fires!!!
If you want to burn pine in your house or shop, you should keep your chimney clean on a regular basis.
White oak also has nearly double the BTUs per pound as white pine.
White oak costs 29.1 million dollars per cord.
White pine costs 15.9 million dollars per cord.
Pine is ideal for watching a fire outside.
No way for cooking. A good burger or steak will be ruined by the turpentines.



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