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Massive Landslide-JCB Backhoe Loader-Opening Hilly Road for Villagers

December 7, 2021

Massive Landslide-JCB Backhoe Loader-Opening Hilly Road for Villagers

Massive Landslide-JCB Backhoe Loader-Opening Hilly Road for Villagers. In the presented video of jcb backhoe loader, the jcb backhoe loader operator can be seen making a new hilly road for the hilly villagers as they had no other road and the old one they had was damaged by hilly landslide and was really narrow and dangerous hilly road. The operator is making a new hilly road and the newer it is the harder it'd be while digging and cutting hill to make a wide and strong hilly road. The operator can be seen working on the edge of the hill where a small mistake could cause massive damage. The operator is working really hard and cautiously indeed. See how the jcb backhoe loader operator tackles such dangerous condition. The presented also video shows the skills and stunts of jcb backhoe loader operator from which jcb backhoe loader learners can learn jcb backhoe skills and stunts easily or learn jcb dozer skills and stunts easily.

nice video You're a brave man, God keep you safe for your family. I grew up and still live in the mountains. My dad started back in early 60s with a backhoe and dozer. Before many driveways and lots were built for steep mountain retirement homes. The old timers didn’t wanna live on the hill. They wanted to be in the flats near a stream and fields that they could farm. Now the cabins are hanging on bluffs. He cut all of the early roads and driveways. Didn’t have an excavator on tracks. He would do some scary scary stuff. He had lots of accidents. I have also done stuff like this. Now that I’m in my 40’s, I’ve realized the macho “did you see what he could do!?” Motivation is gone. No one remembers and no one cares. If you die. You’ll be forgotten and called stupid. Don’t do it. If you have to do stuff like it the expensive way. Call and engineer and estimate bigly. Use a spider excavator and tie off off without cables too. Study what the Swiss and other Europeans are doing and have done in extreme slopes and slides. The Americans are behind on this. I admit it. We are behind. Be careful.


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