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The Worlds Most Powerful Chainsaw Stihl MS 881

November 3, 2022

Such a powerful, majestic and exquisite machine. The chainsaw was cool too

I have a model 084 from the mid 1980s. I used to work as a firewood cutter with a pal. This is what my buddies observed, and I ran a 064. We both used bow bars to run them. He was 6' 9", so the 084 was about the proper length for him, while the 064 was perfect for me, and that 084 was a beast.
We have assembled here once more, men of culture, to watch this wonderful creature, a well-built machine. I agree, if I had to guess my size right now, I'd estimate 60 inch for something like that, and it appears to weigh around 40 pounds.
Oh, and the chainsaw was cool, but I doubt I'll ever purchase one.



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