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20 Most Impressive & Powerful Machines You Need To See | Powerful Machines That Are At Another Level

October 19, 2021

Welcome.Today we will show you the 20 most impressive and powerful machines you need to see. So stick to this video till the end, make sure to subscribe, like, and share, and don't forget to turn on the notification icon. Wow you can not deny the ingenuity of man to produce such incredible machines. On the one hand it is amazing what we are capable of doing now, and the future for such machines will only get better faster and larger. On the other hand. This does not bode well for mother nature. If anything you video's make a great show case for man versus nature. All that ripping and clearing of land for mans greed is worrisome to say the least. You should learn about Earth over shoot day. This about the natural rescources earth is capable of producing in 1 year and the day we used the equiveralant resources up. this year Earth Overshoot Day 2021 fell on July 29. Leaving 5 months of eating into the reserves. Kinda of like earning a steady interest on an amount in on a sum in a bank each year. Saying meeh the interest was not enough this but I still have money to spend in the bank. Only the following year less money means less interest. And a vicious circle of reducing occurs. Unless you top up the original amount. Keep producing these amazing video's though its a record.



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