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2016 Zero Engineering Type 6 1520cc

March 13, 2019

2016 Zero Engineering Type 6 Specs


The hallmark of the Type 6 is its S&S Shovelhead engine. Part of S&S Cycle’s revolutionary V-Twin collection, this engine ensures endurance, quality and reliability on the road.

-93″ (cubic inch)
-1518 cc


Made to be versatile, the Type 6 operates the Baker 6-into-4 “Frankentranny” transmission. This part ensures that the bike comes alive via both electric start and kick start.


Designed specially for Type 5 and Type 6, our rigid Gooseneck Frames are made with a high-quality steel from Japan. Like a samurai sword, these frames are strong, flexible, and highly durable. A simplistic feature, they are done in a black finishing to add to the bikes’s sophistication.


The low stance of the Type 6 brings you closer to the road, which reduces drag and helps with smooth manoeuvres. In other words: it’s the sportiest rigid you will ever ride.


The classic Harley’s Springer fork is given a facelift. It includes a unique adjustable tension system and highly durable, weight-distributing rocker. Redesigned to perfection, the fork is not only rugged and reliable, but also smooth and controllable at the same time.

-30″ Length
-1″ Standard Steering Stem
-3/4″ Axle
-Made in Japan


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