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How can you change a motorcycle tyre?

April 20, 2019

Do you have a motorcycle? Do you always run to the mechanic’s shop to change the tyre of your motorcycle? Changing a motorcycle’s tyre for the first time can be a bit difficult. But if you know the whole process, then it will be one of the easiest jobs for your motorcycle. You need not rush to the mechanic’s garage and spend money for it. You can do it all by yourself without spending a penny.

For changing the motorcycle’s tyre, the right technique must be applied. If the tyres are not properly installed, then your life would be at risk because it can lead to accidents. It will also damage the tyre of your motorcycle. Knowing the whole process is very necessary as it will save your precious time and money and will also make you safe on the road and prevent any accident caused due to improper installation of tyre. You can very easily remove your motorcycle tyre at home. Learn some steps and you can do the job all by yourself.

Steps to remove the tyre of your motorcycle:

*Get all the materials – before removing the tyre of your motorcycle you must have all the materials ready with you. These are the tools which are essential to change the tyre of your motorcycle. The materials are – Spray-on silicon lubricant (Windex), tire irons, breezer tyre tool, valve core tool, two C-clamps, Compressed air pump, rim protector. You can buy all these materials from a motorcycle shop.

*Let the air out – you must let out all the air of the tyre by using a valve core tool. You must snap or screw this tool into the valve of your tyre. The air will be coming out very strongly thus, the tool must be held very tightly. This process is necessary because the makes the tyre soft and you will be able to work on it easily.

*Wheel spin direction – you must know in which direction your wheel moves. It is always the same direction in which the motorcycle moves.

*Inner edge of tyre must be detached – the rim of the tyre and the inner edge must be detached. This must be done by using a bead breaker. This tool must be inserted between the rim and the inner edge and you must do it on all sides of the tyre so that it comes out.

*Silicon sprays – you must spray silicon lubricant to pull the tyre out very easily. In this way the tyre will slip out when minimum force is applied. You must do it in all sides of the tyre so that it comes out easily. You can also do it by using two C-clamps.

Steps to install the new tyres:

*Lubricating – you must not use the new tyre in the same state. You can use a lubricating spray or Windex for this purpose. You must lubricate the tyre well so that the inside part of the tyre is slippery, and it is easier to put it on.

*Matching the spin direction – the spin direction of the front tyre must be matched with the direction in which the motorcycle moves. A red dot line is also present on the tyre which must be in line with the valve stem.

*Attaching the tyres – you must first put one side of the tyre by using a tyre iron. Then you must also slip in the other sides.

*Pump some air – you must let in some air into the tyre and make note of a small pop sound. This will indicate that the bead has inserted.

After this you can put some ceramic dust into the valve and tighten the valve. The you must pump in air to make your tyre ready for moving.



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