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Extreme Heavy Farm Equipment Recovery

November 14, 2021

Extreme Heavy Farm Equipment Recovery-Master Pipe Layer Randy and the Clinton Ag team we're able to provide some quality farm content. Zych Farms has been harvesting in awful conditions fighting extreme mud. The John Deere Combine and Case Quadtrac are buried! Tractor Recovery How and why is the water so clean? Not only does soil capture water, but soil also filters water. Water that moves into and through soil is cleaned by physical, chemical, and biological processes. When pollutants carried by water get caught in the small pores of the soil, they get physically cleaned. After draining, the soil has more pore volume available for water infiltration during the next rain because of the larger volume of empty pores. Consequently, more infiltration and less runoff may occur with an artificially drained soil compared to a poorly drained soil, depending on the next rain’s nature and timing. A very intense rain may not produce much infiltration in either case.



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