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12V71 Detroit Diesel Brockway Cabover

August 28, 2022

V12 cabovers are already crazy cool. The fact that it’s a Brockway is just icing on the cake!

Who remembers the Brockway that the Black Widow rolled in Convoy?

he driver shifts beautifully!  The downshifts are smooth and upshifts are right in time with engine's drop in RPMs.  Engines sounds smoothest at part throttle.  At full throttle I found it less easy to tell if it was a V8 or V12.  The engine and transmission seem to be in excellent condition.  I think the quad exhaust was more of guess than an engineered solution to quiet the engine.  My guess is this is non turbo.  No sound of turbos and engine would likely be quieter if turbos on the exhaust.



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