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8+ hour long Semi truck pursuit through SoCal

November 16, 2021

The suspect driver, around 20 years of age, stole a tractor trailer truck driving around multiple counties of Southern California at around 8:30pm Wednesday night. The pursuit started in eastern LA and made its way up the San Fernando Valley through Moorpark on the 23 freeway, through Thousand oaks on the 101 and coming back into the valley. The suspect took the 101 South Bound all the way to the 5 freeway and continued on for another 8 plus hour pursuit. The suspect finally stopped after all wheels on the big rig were spiked by CHP officers. 

The suspect came to a stop on the 5 South Bound at the 55 freeway interchange in Santa Ana. where the suspect stopped he barricaded himself for the next several hours until swat arrived early Thursday morning. Santa Ana Swat surrounded the semi truck and the suspect peacefully surrounded and was arrested by CHP without incident. The whole ordeal was around 12 hours, unknown to why the suspect stole the vehicle, only information on the suspect from Santa Ana CHP public information officer if he looked very frightened and nervous.



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