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Caterpillar D7R Pulling Logging Trucks in BC

September 3, 2022

A mint D7R from Warmac Ventures pulling a Bruin Transport Log truck in Northern British Columbia.

Just like a helper engine pushing a freight train up a steep hill, except it's completely the opposite of that: a Caterpillar bulldozer pulling a Canadian log truck up a hill! A very decent technique.

The D7 was first made in 1938. A progression of further developed models were subsequently created, remembering the D7C for 1955, the D7D in 1959, the 160 hp D7E in 1961, the 180 hp D7F in 1969 and the 200 hp D7G in 1974. In 1986 the 215 hp D7H was the primary D7 outfitted with Caterpillar's raised drive sprocket underside. The D7R supplanted the D7H in 1996, trailed by the D7R Series 2. The electric drive D7E entered administration in mid 2009, getting back to a customary 'level track' setup for this emphasis in particular. The high-drive configuration returned in 2020 with the presentation of the D7

Proceeding with the practice of Caterpillar's 'R' group of substantial tractors, the 'D7R' highlights various parts that make it appropriate for the most extreme applications, including weighty napping, tearing, land clearing and mining.



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