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Connecting Double Trailers is FUN and sometimes NOT!

November 19, 2021

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Have a nice week everyone! Thanks for all the support. This videos was the continuition of the video I last uploaded 'Another Week in Trucking' . This video was taken the same day. I separated them because it's too long. On that day I dropped double Trailers and picked it up double Trailers. I keep same dolly from the Trailers I dropped to save some time. Picking up double Trailers and dropping them and connecting doubles takes all your time. Some yards has yard guy that connects the Trailers some don't and this terminal was one of them. In my opinion it's fun and sometimes it is not especially when you are low on hours. You lost driving hours and on duty time doing these' some yard don't understand but we deal with it. 

What we do we picked up double Trailers that are connected already from our home terminal ( Shout Out to Norwalk Yard Guy) then we dropped them on our destination then picked up 2 trailers connect them by ourselves then deliver them 3 hours away, then back up 2 trailers into a door then pick up another set of trailers, connect them by ourselves. Lol, I hope your didn't get dizzy or hope your tongue didn't get twisted reading this. In short we connect and dropped trailers a lot in a day. 



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