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Crop Touring Relaxing Back Roads In My Peterbilt 379

December 7, 2021

Here's an extended drive along the backroads between Sarnia, ON to Glencoe/West Lorne, ON. I've added a little bit of background blues music, because any time I make this trip coming back from Michigan I play this album. 
Story time!! So when I was a kid I used to play a lot of Railroad Tycoon 2, and the game had this super cool Blues music that would start playing here and there while you were in the game. These songs were almost lost to my childhood, until one day I took the Railroad Tycoon CD and put it in my computer, and BAM, the tracks showed up on iTunes! Funny thing is that iTunes automatically recognized the disc as "Claude  Dubois" and matched the tracks of Railroad Tycoon to one of his albums, and to this day I still have these songs listed as such! Haha, anyways enjoy the ride!

2006 Peterbilt 379
CAT C15 650hp
Fully Loaded (140'000lbs) B-Trains



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