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Driving and shifting a 1987 Kenworth K100 cab over

September 3, 2022

Cool truck pal I have one myself don't push the red handle on the scramble except if your pulling a cart on the off chance that you do you are simply blowing air out the red carrier on the back however love the truck and you will sort it out

I realize you're attempting to learn it, however you can likely pull off utilizing the high pinion wheels when no heap is being pulled. Diesel motors are torquey monsters and would most likely have no issue without a heap.

Drove an indistinguishable truck for quite some time during the 90's, pulling cows, potatoes, and rock. (Same tone, even. I think 1/2 of the KW cabovers were brown.)

The organization exchanged me into a more up to date Freightliner when I began running longer loads (still a 3406). They thought I was insane for missing my old truck, however that thing developed on me. On the off chance that it would have had a 13, I'd have taken it over the ordinary.

Not a very remarkable sleeper, but rather, all you do is rest in it...



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