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Extremely Moldy Truck | First Wash In 12 Years!

January 8, 2023

As a truck driver myself, this is probably my favorite detail to date. Insane transformation! She’s ready for the road. Great job as always.
Barnyard Disaster | Very Moldy Dump Truck | First Wash in 12 Years! Car Restoration Detailing Normally, our films feature autos, but now we have an extremely moldy dump truck that desperately needed a nice cleaning! This was one of the dirtiest trucks we'd ever seen; from the interior to the exterior, this dump truck was fully coated in mildew and algae, and to top it off, it had. To be honest, when we first saw this dump truck, we didn't think it could be salvaged, but that didn't stop us from giving it our all!
We'll let you be the judge of how well we did on this dump truck, and we want to see your response in the comments!



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