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how to shift twin sticks spicer 6x4 transmissions

September 3, 2022

Good shifting - very smooth.  That's how it should be done... not just banging the gears hard and shoving it in. It's all about timing, and matching road speed to the revs.  Well-done!  A full load just slows every movement down a little bit.

This is my brother from another and this truck is sweet!!! I had been driving a little while before he got this truck and of course being family we’ve took turns driving the other ones trucks but let me just tell ya a week or so after he got this big large and in charge unit home he tells me come see what I think about and I’m here to tell you right now and it may just be me and I’m over thinking the shifts or over complicating the shifts but I tell ya right now true twin sticks are a whole other ball game and I have drove nearly every single stick transmission there is from a 8ll to a ten speed to a super ten speed to a thirteen speed to a 15 over and yes it’s just considered over there’s no such thing as a 15 double over and then lastly a 18 speed but true twins are a lost art form and they take incredible skill to shift as smooth as he does and I’m lucky he’s just as good at changing um from the passenger seat or boy oh boy let me tell ya I’d a stayed under that truck getting the transmissions uncrossed lol but good video bubba keep tossin them sticks and chewing them tooth picks lol



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