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Iron Duke Kenworth Restoration

December 1, 2021

Amazing how history repeats itself … so on this episode here I am again only weeks away from winter and I’m madly trying to get another truck blasted before freeze-up.   I started off with trying to get the old leaky hydraulic system operational again, but it was almost as painful as messing with those Dayton wheels.  After multiple line blowouts and a lot of troubleshooting, I finally raised the cab and got a good look at the 3406A Caterpillar engine underneath.  I then continued to remove items that were in the way in preparation for the blasting (fuel tank, lines, etc).  Finally, it’s ready to go and not a moment too soon with the blaster crew scheduled to come out next weekend.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for all the comments, suggestions, and support!
Keep in mind, I know a little about a lot but not an expert in anything … just doing the best I can, learning as I go ... I do all my own stunts

Enjoy watching the progress of this Kenworth K100 cabover project, a tribute to the one used in the movie High-Ballin’ with Jerry Reed, the ongoing Peterbilt 359 Little by Little restoration that started this channel and #ProjectSnowman a tribute truck to the one used in the 70’s trucking movie Smokey & the Bandit 

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