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Kids Learning to Drive the Big Trucks!

August 20, 2022

Wow what a strong young women. She stuck with it and drove a semi. Most teenagers would have run away and given up. You did great Kenzie. Give yourself some credit. You have seen and done more things than most teenagers do in the suburbs. Someday you'll thank the Lord for all these life experiences on the farm. God bless you and your family

" INDEPENDENCE " A great virtue... Such a great teaching experience from the farm lifestyle. Probably one of the most important virtues you can pass to your children. 

That was funny! You kids are so lucky to grow up on a farm, with great parents! Wishing you a great weekend!

Ahhh,.....they grow up so fast!!! I remember when Mackenzie was learning to drive the tandem, she was nervous then too. But look at her now!!! She wheels that tandem around like nobody's business. I have confidence that she will get there with the Volvo. I busted out laughing at Sanders' comment about farting in the loud tandem. I agree with the boys,.....I like the sound of the tandem also. Looking forward to watching Mackenzie learning to run the chopper.



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