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Luke can drive better than a lot of the drivers we have on the road today

August 24, 2022 Luke and Fred are at it again! Brian and Tommy have challenged the boys to something completely different than they are used to. They must drive around the lot, detach the trailer, unload this massive tractor, and then reload it to back up and reattach. Will they do any good with hauling an oversized load? There is only one way to find out! Jake with HaterMade Mafia has agreed to loan his truck to us and ride along to let us know how Luke and Owen does. Get the gear: Huge thank you to Mitchel Bottomley and the entire HaterMade crew for allowing us the opportunity to make this video.

Kid can drive better than a lot of the drivers we have  on the road today

Beautiful truck. I love how confident Luke is but not arrogant at all. He has been taught well and has learned well. Very respectful young man. I’d give him a job.



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