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My Wife Learns STICK in a 18 Speed Peterbilt Semi!

September 3, 2022

I'm a CDL instructor and I do this every day.
So I feel your pain, when you said "hold your brakes where still rolling" or "let not steer into the tree..."
I love it you taught her how to float right off the bat. I wish I could get away with that.
And in the beginning when you talked about still learning a 18 speed you right newer is better.  I can drive 7 different transmissions in a rig and not one shifts the same or acts the same, some prefer high RPMs some are lower RPMs 

Easiest way to teach someone to drive semi and a plus if it’s a 18 speed, just run through the gears in high on your selector and no point in starting in low range it’s to low, just start them out in first and selector in high makes it easier to understand and doesn’t mess them up cause then it’s like shifting a a normal vehicle! then it’s just getting them used to using rpms to shift at the right time! And if your doing a t bar highly recommend flipping it upside down! Way less chance of it getting bottomed out and getting bent or ripping off! Most guys up here in Alberta that have them that run infield oil do it like that and never break or bend them!!



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