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Peterbilt 379 With 3406e and 4.10 Ratio & 18 speed transmission

August 28, 2022

Me wah go d school weh shaqo graduate from. Yute easy like Sunday morning, machine a journey comfortable, n him tek stony hill like a him play ground!!! D shifting of gears up n down smoother than smoothie, nah lie u fam,u have it lock,a from flex days me know seh u cudda drive n wud drive..keep it up,be safe,hold ur head up high,d sky is d limit, nah left out torch,a humble yute, u always go d extra mile 2 get interviews n other videos for ur channel for us 2 watch n be entertain n know what's happening in d truck industry, ur videos dem ever clean n up 2standard..continue 2 put out content, n we will continue 2suppprt ur channel,by liking,commenting, tell a friend,etc..keep on trucking



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