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POV Driving Scania R580 - Hardangerfjord

December 7, 2021

POV Driving Scania R580 - Hardangerfjord

Driving along the Hardangerfjord, which is the fourth longest fjord in the world. In this video you can see some tight situations on the road, a waterfall (Furebergsfossen) and a beautiful norwegian landscape. (Pretty much the same stuff as in any other video I have uploaded.

1:45 - A bit tight situation with another truck (good looking Volvo)

8:05 - Waterfall

9:33 - Very narrow part of the road, one way tunnel.

That's a cool tunnel. It looks like they didn't waste any time building perfect straight walls and / or applying covers, kinda looks like a machine just plowed through the mountain and they slapped some lights on the ceiling.



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