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Powerful four wheel drive SUVs pull out stuck trucks!

January 8, 2023

I was driving south on I-95 in south Georgia about 2005. I was attempting to go to a truck stop for gas, but I didn't make it. I dashed off the exit ramp. This man drove up alongside me and inquired what was wrong. I informed him that I had run out of gas. He promised to attempt to drag me to the fuel island. "Man, I'm weighing 79,800 pounds; I don't think you can pull me up the ramp and to the fuel island," I remarked. He was driving a Ford F-250 4x4 at the time. That man hooked on to the front of my Pete 379 and dragged my ass up the ramp and all the way to the fuel island (one mile)!!!I couldn’t believe it!!

That’s how rear ends get blown



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