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Professional driver jackknifing a 53 foot trailer into a parking space.

August 28, 2022

Take notes, this driver makes short work of getting this buggy into a hole.

I know this is an old video however reading through some of these comments I see alot of drivers in here that have probably never pulled a spread before so have no clue what it takes to do this everyday without tearing up your equipment. This guy has a super nice ride for sure I'm guessing an owner op like a few of us. I would be surprised if its a 53 foot trailer if its a set spread. I have a 48 footer with a ten foot set spread. I love pulling it. But the newer ones have been mostly bumped up to 50 foot with an 11 foot set spread. There are 53 foot trailers with spread axles but a good majority of them are adjustable. Anyway just my two cents. See ya...



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