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Reversing Trailer and Loading my Rig

August 20, 2022

Reversing drawbar trailers separates pros from wannabes. Pro level camera work too.

Great to see you back behind the wheel. It’s even greater to here the joy and energy in your voice, and see you smile. Stay safe and keep enjoying!!!

So many steps involved to getting these loads, up and down in and out of the cab. Plus all of the knowledge you need to know regarding the hydraulics. I could only imagine having to do all of this in the winter. By the way Cassie is slick and knows that men are predominantly her audience based on her camera work. Nice going.

Really enjoying your videos Cassie, semiretired Trucker myself and we have had similar "experiences". I am so pleased to see you so positive again now and coming out the other side of it. That sensible management thing is key. You go girl. You have a lot of folk sending out positive thoughts for you. I'll shut up now ;0). Ps. Love the doggies. Cute little chaps, best friends to humans.



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