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Sarah Driving truck for the first time

August 24, 2022

Great job Ms. Sarah!!!! I had tears in my eyes, reminds me of learning and teaching others. Great job Andy too... you remind me of a farmer that lets me help while I am on leave at home. Thanks for your videos, keeps my kids and I connected in some form to what we love.

You must feel great about the opportunity to teach your lovely daughter to drive large trucks, and you are good at it! I think she did "very" well and I also believe she wants to make you proud of her which I'm sure you are. I also have a daughter but never had the opportunity to do this with her because of a soul-wrenching divorce. By the time I had access to her she had grown into a young women in her late 20's but you can bet that I feel so grateful to have that contact with her now. Daughters are special and can touch your heart in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your video!!



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