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Semi Jackknifed And Stuck! Rotator Rescue!

September 13, 2022

Hello everyone, in today's video Trent Jr responds to Palm Springs in the rotator to assist a driver who tried to turn around in some soft sand and consequently got the truck stuck and jackknifed.

Nice rig brother. I drove tankers out in the West Texas oil field and I always hated when we would go help someone that was stuck and they would be on the phone sitting in their truck instead of helping. We used to always have chains on side of our water tankers cause there was always someone stuck in the desert when it rained and got muddy. Even good drivers that I personally know that were driving for many many years would get stuck. It could happen to anyone. I've never seen a rig like yours in person and hope I never have to call one but that's a really nice rig.



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