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Semi Truck DESTROYS TURBO catches FIRE (120,000 lb LOAD)

August 13, 2022

Man insane, this is why 1320 are THE event crew. Content I wish I could see in person, it's awesome. Good job fellas, always delivering quality entertainment

Kyle thank you for going to a semi truck race. It's really interesting to see something so different. I would like to have a garage update. I'm curious to see what happened with the ZR1 since the motor rebuild. I saw the beginning of the rebuild but never saw the finished product or update.

I'm a car guy through and through I absolutely love watching everything from drifting to drag racing to motor builds and body kits but damn it brings the kid out of me watching these videos. There's just something so cool and somewhat scary about these big powerful machines. Being in a family with a couple truckers that have had a few bad ass rigs they literally don't touch these trucks in any way shape or form. I couldn't imagine being inside of one of these things as they launch.



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