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Semi Truck Lifted Out of Ditch! Near Hazmat Disaster

September 13, 2022

114 degrees Fahrenheit (45.5 C)
In today's video, Plaza Towing responds to a semi that has turned over and one that has fallen into a ditch. In order to raise the semi, whose fuel tanks were resting on the ground, and stop a hazardous disaster, Plaza Towing was specifically contacted. This was challenging due to a number of factors including the low boom angle, the uneven ground, and working off the corner. However, Plaza Towing was still able to remove the casualty without causing any further harm. This truck was attempting to avoid a semi that had rolled over and fallen into the ditch, as was indicated at the beginning. With Darl at the wheel, Plaza Towing helped the other firm on the scene with the rollover. regrettably, this



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