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The Making of an American Truck | Exceptional Engineering

September 13, 2022

Exceptional Engineering: The Making of an American Truck
The Swedish automotive group Volvo has been producing trucks for the North American market since the late 1970s. Every ten minutes, a new truck rolls off the assembly line, with a tailor-made production line equipped to cater to individual customer requirements. More than 500 color tones are available for the cab paint job alone. After just one day in assembly, the new trucks are ready to roll on public highways throughout the United States provided they have successfully completed a test drive on the factory track. 

Which semi truck is better, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner or Volvo?

From the perspective of a trucker, Peterbilt is still the absolute best truck built today! There are options to suit any driver's need!
Additionally, an owner or driver can never adequately convey the pride they feel when operating a Peterbilt to someone who has never driven one.
However, due to its durability and high level of construction, Volvo is steadily growing its client base and earning my respect.



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