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Tour World’s Largest Enclosed Luxury Car Hauler

August 19, 2022

RCI CRIBS - S2, Episode 4: The Wiggle Wagon! Ever wonder how Porsches, Mercedes, Maseratis and other luxury vehicles get transported from the port to the dealership? Meet the Wiggle Wagon! Reliable Carriers 9-Car Enclosed auto transporter. Series Description: Welcome to Reliable Carriers Cribs: BIG RIG EDITION! See a behind the scene tour of our fleet, shared by our team of Professional Car Haulers. Episode Description: Professional auto transporter Marty Maxwell from Reliable Carriers gives us a tour of his beautiful Wiggle Wagon. Used for high volume, high value distribution for luxury auto brands.Marty shows us how he loads a GMC Denali onto his trailer. He also shares a 360 look at both his wiggle wagon trailer, and inside the minimalistic sleeper. Equipment Specs: Truck - 2020 4900SF Western Star Trailer - 2020 Cottrell Wiggle Wagon Please click "Subscribe" for more 🧡

This guy makes it looks really easy. I’ve had the chance to unload cars off an open car carrier. I’ve had no experience working with car hauling equipment, and it was hell worrying about not messing up. To the men and woman that do this, hats off to ya, it’s truly a job that takes time to get right.



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