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Truck making tight turn on residential street pt 2 totally stuck

September 3, 2022

Could have made it if it weren’t for the straight truck. I wouldn’t have made the turn until that truck was out the way. Very stressful being stuck in that predicament.

I have been a truck driver for 26 yrs now, and sincerely can't offer a difinitive response to that. The following are three distinct responses, any of which can be valid.

-"For the most part, we are permitted to go anyplace, except if generally posted".

-"We are expected to follow assigned truck courses, aside from neighborhood conveyances".

-"Trucks are precluded, except if it is a posted truck course".

I was tagged in Lebanon, PA around 15 yrs prior for doing precisely that. Pre GPS route days, my headings were befuddling. I was following the truck course when I came to a red light convergence. The truck course turned right, however my objective was 3 blocks straight ahead, then, at that point, a left turn and 2 additional blocks. Straight in front of me, at the crossing point where I was halted, the street became private. There was an indication that said "No Trucks, with the exception of neighborhood conveyances". I figured "All things considered, that is me", so I proceded straight.

I was pulled over and tagged before I could go 2 blocks. Obviously I dissented, refering to the sign. The cop said "that sign is for trucks going to (and he named another business), which is down that first road you passed". I held my ground, expressing that as my objective was nearby, I was in consistence with the sign, and called attention to that the sign didn't say "no trucks, aside from that specific business".

He said I ought to have turned right back at the light, then make the principal left, then, at that point, one more left. I said "Alright, in the future I'll be aware". Also, get this, he said "Great. Then I will not need to think of you another ticket" and fined me $200.00 for leaving course.



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